In line with the changed demands of the market, i.e. away from the throw-away philosophy, a modern laundry for industry, the trades and the commercial sector has developed from the weaving mill. Regardless of whether it is a matter of the textile products of our customers or articles that have been purchased or rented from us, the objective is always that of obtaining optimum cleanliness in a manner gentle on the relevant resources. The washing processes used today, which are kind to the water and matched to the degree of contamination of the particular articles, can be matched to the individual requirements of the customer and permit the articles as reusable products to offer a clear alternative to disposable ones. On the foundation of expert, customer-related advice and service, which also includes the holding ready of the articles in the rental system with appropriate delivery and pick-up services, we offer environmentally laundering washing as well as continuously improved care, quality-testing and repairing services. In addition - on the customer so requesting - we replace worn articles. In all this we pay attention to the legal and application-related demands on the basis of the most stringent environmental standards. By making use of the ability to use products again and again you are making a contribution to protection of the environment.